Both of Beyoncé’s $130 Pregnancy Photoshoot Bras Are Almost Sold Out

Elana Fishman

In the latest example of just how far people will go to be like Beyoncé, both of the pricey Agent Provocateur bras the singer wears in the stunning photo shoot announcing her pregnancy yesterday are almost sold out on Net-a-Porter.

That's no small feat considering both styles — the Lorna Scalloped Embroidered Tulle Underwired Bra and the Sparkle Embroidered Tulle Underwired Bra — cost $130 each, an objectively absurd amount of money to spend on sheer fabric to cover one's boobs.

Interestingly, the $95 Liviara Dauphine Powder Blue Panty Bey wears in the most-liked Instagram photo of all time is still available in every size — but probably not for long.

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See the soon-to-be mother of three modeling her fancy underthings (plus pressed flowers and plenty of gossamer swaths of fabric) in the brand-new shots here.