A safer America is better for business, White House aide says of Trump's temporary travel ban

Jobs and national security top Trump's agenda: Boris Epshteyn

Business leaders should be on board with President Donald Trump's executive order to temporarily block U.S. entry for all refugees and citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries, Trump aide Boris Epshteyn told CNBC on Friday.

"What I will tell you is the amount of concern over this pause — 90 days — in one case 120, but [it is] completely overblown. We're talking about seven countries," Epshteyn said on "Squawk Box."

The restrictions bar people from the seven countries for 90 days, bans all refugees for 120 days and those from Syria indefinitely.

"As far as business leaders are concerned, if anything, they should be completely on board with the executive order because a safer America is ... better ... for our economy," Epshteyn said.

Trump meets with heads of major U.S. companies on Friday as the business community finds itself split over how to respond to his policies.