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Cramer's game plan: Trump's CEO meeting shouldn't leave investors worried ahead of these earnings

Cramer's game plan: Trump's CEO meeting shouldn't leave investors worried for last week of earnings

Regardless of what people may think about President Trump's recent meeting with some of the country's biggest CEOs, Jim Cramer says he believes that a majority of them may have some worthy advice.

"Love him or hate him, if you believe that business people know how to create jobs—not a huge leap—then having them sit down with the president and give him ideas will help the cause," the "Mad Money" host said. "The meeting also helps create a level of stability to offset the recent volatility that's had many investors fretting over their portfolios."

The Trump administration's frenzied pace combined with the final week of heavy earnings season, has investors all watching. With this in mind, Cramer outlined the stocks on his radar scheduled for next week:

Monday: Hasbro, National Oilwell Varco

Hasbro: Mattel, one of Hasbro's biggest competitors, lost its Disney doll business and its stock has significantly declined as a result. Hasbro snagged the Disney franchise instead and Cramer thinks it should be smooth sailing for the toy company.

National Oilwell Varco: Cramer believes the leading worldwide provider of oil-drilling equipment will eventually be acquired by General Electric-Baker Hughes. With that information in mind, Cramer advises buying stocks after the quarter ends.

Tuesday: General Motors, Disney

General Motors: The company's CEO, Mary Barra, was one of the many business leaders meeting with Trump earlier Friday, and arguably has had the most interaction with the President, compared with most CEOs.

The term "peak autos" keeps getting tossed around, which means auto sales have plateaued and January numbers have softened. However, Cramer believes GM is "making fortunes" and could be good for a trade.

Disney: Even though CEO Bob Iger called the bottom on the last quarterly earnings call, the stock has rallied significantly since then. And even if Disney fails to meet analyst expectations for earnings, Cramer says Disney's movie-production schedule and theme parks alone make the stock worth owning.

Wednesday: Allergan, Time Warner

Allergan: The generics pharmaceutical company has struggled since CEO Brent Saunders lowered earnings expectations. Cramer says numbers have to come in indicating that Allergan can raise its stock to $16 a share or release news about blockbuster products in development, or the company could see its stock slip even more.

Time Warner: Investors will be keeping their eyes out for any comments on management's confidence on the AT&T deal going through, especially since President Trump has said he's opposed to it.

"We have a process in the country where the antitrust division of the Justice Department decides these things and I can't think of an economic reason in the world why they'd block this one," Cramer said. "But this administration is a whole new world and my instincts are to take the money and run."

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter
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Thursday: CVS, Twitter

CVS: The retail and healthcare company has continued to struggle, but Cramer believes CEO Larry Merlo has a chance to turn things around with an explanation on how the company's not benefiting in its pharmacy benefit business.

Twitter: Many are still wondering when the social media giant will get it together and whether this quarter could indicate improvement, especially since it's one of President Trump's favorite ways of communicating. While Cramer hopes for improvement from the last quarter, he has very little hope based on Facebook's stock performance and attention around Snap's new filing.

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