Buried in Snapchat's IPO filing: a reason to be bullish on YouTube


One of the many revelations in Snap's Thursday initial public offering announcement is just how much YouTube dominates the digital video advertising space.

Source: Snap's S-1 SEC filing

Buried in Snap's S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission is a snapshot of a September report from research provider Advertiser Perception, which showed the view advertisers and agencies have of the various platforms.

The table showed Alphabet-owned YouTube was the top platform for both advertisers' plans to increase ad spends and their likelihood to recommend. In terms of satisfaction, YouTube clinched the number two spot.

By contrast, Snap's nascent advertising business ranked first in terms of satisfaction, and came in fourth for advertisers' plans to increase spending and third in the likelihood of being recommended to colleagues.

Twitter, meanwhile, ranked below Snap and YouTube in all three categories.

In Alphabet's latest quarterly earnings, YouTube and mobile search led revenues of $26.06 billion.

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