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CCTV Script 08/12/16

This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on December 8, Thursday.

Welcome to CNBC Business Daily, I'm Qian Chen.

President-elect Donald Trump ran on a campaign of blue-collar anger and populism, but he is now drawing fire for stocking his White House with fellow billionaires.

Let's take a look at his team -

Jeff Sessions - Attorney General

Republican Senator from Alabama. Noted advocate for reducing legal immigration. Supported Bush tax cuts, opposed 2009 stimulus and Obamacare.

Top contributors are in legal, health, real estate and utilities, especially a gas and electric company and a coal-mining firm.

Steven Mnuchin - Secretary of the Treasury

Worked 17 years at Goldman Sachs. Started his own hedge fund and invested in two Donald Trump projects. Turned around failed home lender IndyMac.

Company was involved in string of lawsuits over questionable foreclosure practices.

Wilbur Ross - Secretary of Commerce

Dubbed the "king of bankruptcy." Restructured failed companies in steel, coal, and telecommunications using leveraged buyouts.

Nikki Haley - US ambassador to the United Nations

Haley - a staunch conservative with no foreign policy experience and a daughter of Indian immigrants - will also inject a measure of diversity in a group that until now has consisted solely of white men.

Betsy DeVos - Secretary of Education

Daughter-in-law of Amway co-founder. Brother founded Blackwater. Fierce faith-based proponent of school voucher programs.

Mike Pompeo - CIA Director

Pompeo's extremely hawkish views on critical national security issues, such as his support for keeping open the US prison at Guantanamo Bay; his defense of brutal CIA interrogation practices like waterboarding and "rectal feeding"; and his overwhelming focus on the dire threat of "radical Islamic terrorism" - all positions closely aligned with those of President-elect Trump

Michael Flynn - National Security Adviser

The 57-year-old was an early backer of Mr Trump, helping organise support from current and retired officers throughout his campaign. A career intelligence officer who led the DIA for two years through August 2014, he emerged as a vocal critic of President Barack Obama's strategy to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), telling Congress last year that the US had "failed to understand the threats that we face" from Islamic extremism."

Now, who the next sec of state will be - still remains to be a key question here.

CNBC Qian Chen, reporting from Singapore.

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