Google's Home TV ad makes Google Home systems go crazy

Chris Woodyard
Google Home
Source: Google

Google used the Super Bowl to plug its Google Home connectivity service, but the TV commercial apparently confused the systems in homes of those who already have it. For them, Google Home went whacko.

Those who already have Google Home took to Twitter to complain that it interfered with their units. Apparently, the home systems heard the TV broadcasts calling its name, and it became befuddled.

"The Google commercial had my Google Home going haywire," complained a Twitter user with the handle CheezusPrice.

Another user, Scott Foster, wrote, "Our Google Home just went a little bonkers with the Google Home commercial."

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Google Home is the search engine's answer to Amazon's Echo system, in which users get it respond by asking questions or giving orders starting with the name Alexa. Both are home systems that are dormant until a user calls out their name. Then they answer questions or perform any number of functions -- from playing a musical selection to turning on or off the lights.

Google is a unit of Alphabet. It had no immediate response to the reports.