Clash of the Kylies: Minogue and Jenner in trademark dispute over who owns the name

Lucy Handley, special to CNBC
Kylie Minogue at an exhibition in Paris, January 2017
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What's in a name? Quite a lot if the battle between reality TV star Kylie Jenner and Australian pop star Kylie Minogue is anything to go by.

Since 2015, Jenner's legal team have attempted to trademark the name "Kylie" for use in advertising and endorsements — much to the consternation of Minogue's attorney.

Now, it appears that the trademark dispute between the two Kylies is close to being settled, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejecting Jenner's application, according to reports, which are yet to be confirmed by CNBC.

The dispute between the two Kylies has been ongoing for almost two years. On April 1, 2015, Jenner's attorneys filed a trademark application with the USPTO, for her to use the name "Kylie" for "advertising services" and "endorsement services".

Kylie Minogue at an exhibition in Paris, January 2017
Foc Kan | Getty Images

Then on February 21, 2016, Minogue's attorney, Rebeccah Gan, filed a Notice of Opposition, citing reasons including that Minogue is "known worldwide simply as 'Kylie'," that she has been in the entertainment business since 1979, that her first album (in 1988) was entitled "KYLIE," and that she has owned the website since 1996.

Minogue is described by Gan in the filing as an "internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist," which also noted that she also owns U.S. trademarks for Kylie Minogue Darling (her perfume), and the name Kylie in relation to sound recordings, entertainment and jewelry.

Kylie Jenner at Marie Claire's Image Maker Awards in Los Angeles, January 2017
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The filing also describes Jenner as "a secondary reality television personality," after her appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Jenner has put her name to a range of cosmetics, and owns the website

USPTO documents show that Minogue's attorney withdrew her opposition on Jan. 19, 2017, and the case was listed as 'terminated' on Jan. 26, 2017. has contacted both Jenner and Minogue's legal representatives and the USPTO for comment but has yet to receive a reply.

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