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Trump gets laughs when he offers to 'destroy' a Texas state senator's career

Trump jokes to sheriffs about state senator: 'We'll destroy his career'

President Donald Trump asked a Texas sheriff Tuesday if he should "destroy" the career of a state senator who introduced legislation the sheriff opposes.

During a White House listening session with law enforcement, Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson brought up a state senator who introduced a bill requiring that a suspect be convicted before their assets can be seized, an action he opposed. Efforts to stop the practice of seizing assets before conviction have received bipartisan support in the state.

Trump responded by asking for the senator's name.

"Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name? We'll destroy his career," Trump said, prompting laughter among those gathered at the meeting.

Eavenson did not give the lawmaker's name. It was not immediately clear to whom he referred.

Republican Texas Sen. Konni Burton and Democratic Sen. Juan Hinojosa have pushed for the asset forfeiture changes, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Law enforcement officials have largely been supportive of Trump and his pledges to empower police.

The White House declined to comment on this story.