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Apple’s Tim Cook: Steve Jobs’ philosophy will be at Apple in 100 years

Steve Jobs held up the new iPhone during his keynote address at MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco on Jan. 9, 2007.
Paul Sakuma | AP

The philosophy of Apple's late founder Steve Jobs will run through the company 100 years from now, Chief Executive Tim Cook said on Wednesday.

Addressing students at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, Cook said that Jobs was the person who had influenced him the most "by far".

"Steve's DNA will always be the core of Apple. Steve is deeply embedded in the company. We celebrate him and we celebrate his philosophy. His philosophy … will be at Apple 100 years from now …The philosophy is sort of passed down with every generation … so yes, he's very much at Apple," Cook said.

The Apple boss moved onto the topic of Jobs after being asked about the Apple Pencil – a stylus like device the company released in 2015. Jobs was known for not liking styluses.

"Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus, so let's not use a stylus," Jobs said during the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

Cook responded to the question from the audience about why Apple introduced the Pencil, saying that it did not contradict Jobs' thoughts.

"The truth is Steve did hate styluses. But if you have ever used the Apple Pencil, the Apple Pencil is the furthest thing from a stylus that has ever existed," Cook said.

"Designers historically, and many still do, carry sketchbooks … because they don't know when they're going to have inspiration. And when they have it, you want your tool there … With Apple Pencil, you have the best of all worlds. Because unlike a sketch that you have to do many times to try out many different looks, whether it's colors or specific lines, etc, with the Apple Pencil, you can quickly try out any number of designs."

Cook also used the talk at the University of Glasgow to address President Donald Trump's ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Read what he said here.