Actor Bill Murray jumps into golf fashion, but says don't go crazy, 'it's not like the JLo line'

'William Murray Golf' brand launches at Pebble Beach
'William Murray Golf' brand launches at Pebble Beach

Comedian and now-entrepreneur Bill Murray told CNBC on Friday his new golf-centered clothing line is nothing to write home about.

"Let's not get too serious about this," Murray told "Squawk Box." "It's not like the JLo line."

Murray said he got the idea from friends who helped the "Ghostbusters" star track down a group making T-shirts with his face on them. They decided to partner, and the "William Murray Golf" clothing line was born.

The line includes polo shirts, button-downs, shorts and hats. Speaking from the Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament, Murray wore a pair of his line's overalls, detailed with the Murray family tartan.

"All you housewives out there, I'm sure when you say, 'God, I just don't have a good pair of overalls, what could I look good in?' This is like a maternity set of overalls that I wear," he joked.

But being an entrepreneur isn't particularly thrilling, Murray said.

"You know, it's kind of passive. I don't have to do so much. Occasionally, I chip in with an idea or something like that," he said.