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Something missing from Trump's Cabinet: Economists

Border tax fight is economists vs. everybody else: Brill

If you want to know what President Donald Trump thinks of economists, just look at his Cabinet.

A president who has promised to ignite stronger growth will have very little representation from economists, and in fact will not include the Council of Economic Advisers in his Cabinet.

The decision came in a statement from the White House and was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The statement listed the 24 officials who will serve in his Cabinet, and the chairman of the CEA was not among them.

Rather than look to academics, Trump will rely on a mix of Wall Street veterans and business titans for advice. They include Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn, both formerly of Goldman Sachs.

University of California professor Peter Navarro will be one of the few economists around the White House, and he holds views that generally are considered unconventional, including criticism of free trade agreements.

Trump has yet to fill out the three-person CEA.

"They've named other economic positions and created new positions while not naming the chair or any of the other members of the CEA — that's clearly a signal" Austan Goolsbee, a University of Chicago professor and council chairman under President Barack Obama, told the Journal.

For more on the story, this is the full Journal report on the CEA.