Trump blasts Mark Cuban in early morning tweet; Cuban dismisses

Trump slams Mark Cuban on Twitter
Trump slams Mark Cuban on Twitter

President Donald Trump, fresh from a round of diplomacy with Japan's prime minister, renewed a feud with billionaire Mark Cuban on Sunday, a familiar foil with whom he's sparred in the past.

As the world grappled with North Korea's latest act of aggression —firing off a new ballistic missile—Trump harangued the outspoken investor in a series of early morning tweets. Along with defending his crackdown on immigration, Trump blasted Cuban as being "not smart enough" to be leader of the free world.

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The president also took a swipe at recent court decisions that dealt stinging blows to his travel ban, which he insists is necessary for national security purposes.

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For his part, Cuban —who supported Democratic contender Hillary Clinton in the general election—dismissed the broadside with a simple "LOL". However, Cuban then tweeted an image of a 2016 letter he wrote to Trump, offering him support while imploring him to master the issues he would face as president.

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It wasn't immediately clear why Trump lashed out at Cuban, seemingly without provocation, but the two billionaires have a lengthy and checkered history of exchanging trash talk.

At the height of the general election, the Dallas Mavericks owner was once approached by a group of dissident Republicans to run as an independent candidate, a move Cuban ultimately ruled out. Trump has made sport of name-calling Cuban on social media, at one point referring to him as "dopey." Cuban often downplays Trump's insults, or responds with thinly veiled criticism.

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Mark Cuban takes issue with Trump's management style
Mark Cuban takes issue with Trump's management style