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Cramer: No, Amazon is not the big, bad destroyer of business you think it is

Cramer: No, Amazon is not the big, bad destroyer of business you think it is

Just because Amazon has introduced its new Chime service for free online meetings, doesn't mean investors should sell any stock that has to do with the video conferencing world, Jim Cramer says.

"This notion of Amazon as some kind of all-knowing, all-seeing entity with God-like is becoming a very tired narrative," the "Mad Money" host said.

While Cramer has tremendous respect for Amazon, he disagreed with the notion that every time Amazon works on something new that it will wreck the competition instantly.

In fact, selling the stock of any target that crosses paths with Amazon did not make sense to Cramer.

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"I would be a buyer, not a seller, of Autozone and Advance Auto Parts because of this flurry of Amazon auto parts news stories. I feel the same way about food chains," Cramer said.

After all, there is only so much one company can do at one moment, Cramer said. Right now Amazon is already doing everything not-humanly possible, including artificial intelligence.

"If Amazon's stock goes up on each of these stories, I would wait a few days for it to come down. Enough is enough. Amazon is not a false idol. It is not a golden calf," Cramer said.

In the end, Amazon is simply just good at what it does. That doesn't mean investors need to dump a stock because it landed on the radar of CEO Jeff Bezos.

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