Eric Schmidt: We should spend more time worrying about other humans than AI

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet Inc.
Marlene Awaad | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Humans should spend more time worrying about other humans rather than obsessing about AI powered robots turning evil, said Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet.

"One of my friends Andy McAfee says that the humans will revolt before the computers do," he said. McAfee is a scientist at MIT.

Schmidt added, "there's so much else going on that we should worry about ourselves. My personal view." The comments came at the RSA Conference in San Francisco Wednesday night.

Other tech luminaries, like Elon Musk, have expressed concern that AI could eventually surpass human intelligence, then turn on us and destroy us. For instance, Musk recently said that it was "critical to the future of humanity" that we use AI to augment rather than replace human abilities.

But Schmidt thinks this apocalyptic scenario is more suited for science-fiction movies than real life.

"That, by the way, is a movie, OK? That's a movie, it's not true. Can we start over? It's a movie. It has not occurred yet, we're still here," he said. "And, more importantly, the scenario has an enormous number of assumptions."

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the most interesting advancements are being made in computer vision - now better than human vision in many instances - which has huge impacts on healthcare and transportation, he said.

"Things that bedevil us like traffic accidents and bad diagnoses in the medical system are going to get much better," he said. "I will stake my reputation that that's going to be the real narrative over the next five years."