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Watch: Trump, Israeli PM Netanyahu speak amid White House meeting


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House on Wednesday amid President Donald Trump's signals that he could oversee a shift in Middle East policy.

The leaders hold a joint press conference at noon ET, where they will likely make pledges to deepen relations following Netanyahu's tense relationship with President Barack Obama. Trump has suggested he could make stark changes to American policy toward Israel.

A senior White House official said Tuesday that peace between Israeli and Palestinians did not necessarily have to mean Palestinian statehood, adding that Trump may not "dictate" a solution, according to Reuters. The United States has long supported the idea of creating a Palestine alongside Israel.

Palestinians raised concerns about the possibility of Trump dropping support for an independent Palestine.

The leaders could also address Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. The Obama administration rebuked Israel in December by abstaining from a United Nations vote condemning the activity. Trump's administration previously indicated it could be sympathetic to the settlements, but later backtracked.

Trump also pledged on the campaign trail to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but has not made it a priority since he took office.

— Reuters contributed to this report