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Cramer's lightning round: Why Gilead could be a value trap

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Western Digital: "It is a boom-bust business, but after what we see from HP tonight, I really have to tell you I don't think we are at peak margins. I know Western Digital has come in. Actually am a buyer of Western Digital here. My charitable trust is thinking about buying it."

HCA Holdings: "It should be coming down because of the changes with the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. But the fact that it is not tells me that maybe there is something better afoot here. I am lost on why that stock stays strong, which means I don't want to sell it, don't want to buy it."

Metlife: "What you do is you take your money out and you play the rest with the house's money. I'm mystified. A lot of guys keep downgrading the stock and it never seems to come down. I want you to take the cash out that you put in, then you can't have a loss. Isn't that a fabulous situation to be in."

Huntington Bancshares: "Huntington Banc is very good but you know if we are going to buy Ohio banks you know we are going to go to KEY because we think that KEY has the best momentum and also yes I do like Beth Mooney, the CEO."

Incyte Corporation: "Let me give you some incite about Incyte, I think this company is incredibly undervalued because they have got a great pipeline and they actually make a lot of money. I think that you're on to something here. I want to buy Incyte."

Exelixis: "We were lucky, we got this one in very, very low. We got this one under $5, it was recommended ... I think the stock is still good, but obviously it's come up so much that I can't recommend it."

Freeport-McMoRan: "I think you have to hold on to it. They've got some real issues with Indonesia. But remember, 50 percent of the world's copper is used by China. It's not a good play to try to relate our infrastructure with that. But hold on to it. It was looking great before this Indonesian deal, but I think you're fine."

Skyworks Solutions: "You're fine. Skyworks is terrific. They're having a really good quarter and a good year. I know it went all the way back down. It's coming back up. I say stay long it."

Boston Beer Company: "No, we are not a buyer of that. We still are convinced that you buy Constellation Brands here."

Advanced Micro Devices: "They had an announcement today that Eric Johnson who is a columnist for The Street that says that they have a really good PC play that could give Intel a run for the money. You know I like AMD. I still like Micron, I'm not backing away from those. AMD is a buy."

Gilead Sciences: "Gilead must do something with its cash. I mentioned Incyte earlier, go buy Incyte. I know it would be really expensive But they have to do something with that cash, otherwise it's a value trap."

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