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Read this now: Evacuations in California|American Airlines lifts ground stop|Sodastream recall

CNBC News Update: San Jose flooding forces 14,000 to evacuate

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

Some 14,000 residents have been evacuated from homes in San Jose because of rising floodwaters. Crews worked to rescue people and pets trapped in their cars and homes overnight. A stretch of Highway 101 is closed in both directions south of San Francisco.

American Airlines said it has lifted a ground stop and its computers are working again at Philadelphia International Airport. The system failed to reboot correctly after a scheduled power outage overnight.

A new video showed the moment actor Harrison Ford landed in the wrong place at a southern California airport last week. He was coming in for a landing when he flew over an American Airlines jet that was holding in position. Ford accidentally landed on a taxiway, mistaking it for a runway.

Sodastream recalled about 51,000 bottles because they could burst under pressure. The recall involves one-liter, blue tinted, plastic carbonating bottles sold from February 2016 through January of this year.