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Small scale hydropower is changing lives in Nepal

Micro hydro is changing lives in Nepal

Water sustains life, offers us refreshment and covers around 71 percent of our planet's surface, according to the U.S Geological Survey.

In Nepal, some communities are looking to harness the energy water produces with micro-hydropower systems.

According to the Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association, over 3,300 micro hydro plants are providing energy to villages around the country.

In one area, a local community has been making use of a micro hydropower unit since 2008. The impact has been significant.

"The source of water here is really good," Taranath Poudel, president of the Nisikhola II Micro Hydropower Project, told CNBC's Sustainable Energy.

Jonathan Griffith | Aurora | Getty Images

"Now, we can give the villagers light and the industries power," Poudel went on to add.

Non governmental organization Practical Action has been helping to set up micro-hydropower plants in Nepal. The benefits, according to its director for Nepal, have been clear.

"We are trying to make sure that it has got adequate, productive and social end use," Achyut Luitel, the charity's Nepal director, said.

"Which means, during the day time we can introduce some micro enterprising works. With that, they can enter into different kinds of businesses, which can generate employment," Luitel added.