Trump tax plan needs greater focus: Analyst

Stock markets may have given Donald Trump a thumbs-up since his election win but one analyst has warned that the new U.S. President is pushing hardest on policies that could shrink the U.S. economy.

The S&P 500 has risen nearly 11 percent since Trump's November victory as investors bet on fresh measures to reduce and simplify taxation.

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But Gina Sanchez, chief operating officer of Chantico Global, said Thursday that she had concerns over the order of Trump's business.

"If you look at the status of most [campaign] promises, those that would be the most expansionary, things like tax reform and deregulation et cetera, those have largely been delayed," she told CNBC's "Street Signs."

"Whereas if you look at the status of promises that would likely dampen growth, cause inflation or both: You are looking at pulling out of the TPP, exiting negotiations with China and Mexico. All of those are not only on track but moving very quickly."

Sanchez argued that on balance "so far, the policies are going to hurt the economy, more than help it."

Sanchez claimed the rise in the stock indexes, despite a lack of clarity on growth, was due to a natural positivity of traders.

"The equity markets are largely expecting most of the positives while completely discounting the negatives," she said.

"Remember their place in the capital structure; these guys are the last to get paid so they are naturally optimistic."

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She advised buying downside protection in the case of a move lower in stock markets as the price of insurance is currently cheap.

On CNBC Thursday U.S. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin said he considered the market moves witnessed since the election win as a positive assessment of Trump policy.

He also said the Trump administration was committed to "very significant" tax reform by the August recess that would focus on a middle-income tax cut and simplification for business.