Oscars Screwup Give’s ‘Moonlight’s’ Best Picture Award to ‘La La Land’

Alex Johnson
Presenter Warren Beatty holds up the card confirming that "Moonlight" won the Best Picture Oscar as show host Jimmy Kimmel (L) looks on after "La La Land" was mistakenly named as the winner.
Lucy Nicholson | Reuters

"It's very unfortunate." That's all host Jimmy Kimmel could say after the Academy Award for best motion picture was initially given to "La La Land" — even though "Moonlight" was the winner.

Warren Beatty, who presented the final award of the evening with Faye Dunaway, paused for several seconds as he looked at the card bearing the name of the winning movie. He handed the card to Dunaway, who called out "La La Land."

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But a minute or two into the "La La Land" cast's and crew's celebration, producer Jordan Horowitz stepped to the microphone, asked for quiet and said the real winner was "Moonlight."

"This is not a joke," Horowitz said as the cast and crew of "La La Land" left the stage to be replaced by their counterparts from "Moonlight."

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