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CNBC Update: US planning to defeat ISIS
CNBC Update: US planning to defeat ISIS

Here are some of the key stories CNBC is following this hour:

On Monday, the Pentagon delivered a preliminary plan for defeating ISIS to the . A Pentagon spokesperson said Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will brief members of the Principals Committee on Monday afternoon.

Carnival celebrations resumed in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, a day after 20 people were injured. Three people were seriously injured after a float went off course and squeezed revelers against a wall.

The Grand Hyatt Tokyo surveyed damage from a fire which started at a steak house on the hotel's sixth floor. It took two hours to fight the blaze, but no one was hurt. Police said the fire was likely caused by a cooking accident involving oil.

Trader Joe's has recalled three different types of food retailer's unsweetened apple sauces.
The recall came after reports of customers finding glass pieces inside the jars. The apple sauces have all been removed from Trader Joe store shelves and destroyed. There were no reports of injury.