Canada would like Trump to leave, please

This City Councillor doesn't want the Trump sign in Vancouver

While President Donald Trump , promising reform on healthcare, tax and a "great wall" on the southern border, his namesake son was also hard at work - to the north.

Donald Trump Jr., leading his adult siblings - minus Ivanka - and their spouses, to the grand opening of the $360 million (Canadian dollar) Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, in the face of local criticism.

Mayor Gregor Robertson boycotted the ceremony; Vancouver City Councillor Kerry Jang told CNBC he believes the Trump brand is no longer a symbol of luxury.

"It's now synonymous here with bigotry and sexism and that type of branding has no place in the city of Vancouver ... it's like a beacon of racism."

Jang has led a local campaign against the new hotel, which the Trump Organizati

on hails as the city's second-tallest building.

"I think Donald Jr. called me disgusting and [said] I should be ashamed of myself. He also said that about the Mayor and the Premier of the Province. So you know it's typical Trump rhetoric."

News of the latest Trump hotel comes as Insights West research showed 65 percent of British Columbians, and almost half of Canadians overall would be either 'very likely' or 'somewhat likely' to boycott a hotel, restaurant or store located in a Trump branded property.

From third left, Tony Tiah Thee Kian, his son Joo Kim Tiah, Donald Trump Jr., Vanessa Trump, Eric Trump, and Lara
Ben Nelms | Bloomberg | Getty Images

But not everyone opposes the new establishment.

Tourism Vancouver Marketing VP Stephen Pearce told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the tower will supply much-needed rooms for the peak summer season.

In his opening ceremony speech, Donald Jr. thanked business partner and developer Joo Kim Tiah, the son of Malaysian property mogul Tony Tiah Thee Kian, saying he appreciated the dynamics of family business.

"Coming from someone that has some experience with a generation family business, I know how it is not always easy."

Councillor Jang though, said he and others are determined to object, in a characteristically Canadian way.

"We're just going to ignore the Trumps ... because that's like Kryptonite to them."

"It's a very Canadian way of dealing with issues, you know just ignore it and hopefully they will learn their lesson and go away."

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