Record-breaking rally should continue through March with cyclical stocks leading the way, history shows

Oil workers on a rig platform in Colorado.
Stephen Collector | Getty Images

The massive rally in the stock market, which pushed U.S. equities to another record on Wednesday could live to see yet another month, if history is any guide.

Using the quantitative tool Kensho, CNBC PRO searched for seasonality patterns in the market during the month of March. To be sure, traders use seasonal patterns as guidance, not gospel. But when a month tends to have standout gains, it's one more reason to keep buying for the bulls.

Since 1990, March stacks up as the fourth-best performing month of the year with an average gain of 1.3 percent for the , according to Kensho. In the past two decades, those returns are even higher, with the S&P gaining 1.8 percent making it the second-best performing month of the year.