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Power Play: Stock picks from a perma-bull

Expert: Here's what makes me nervous about the rally

Stocks are lower on Monday as geopolitical risks and the likelihood of tighter monetary policy weigh on the market.

But South Texas Money Management CEO & CIO Jeanie Wyatt, who's a perma-bull, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" she continues to be bullish on the stock market due to anticipation of lower corporate tax rates.

NYSE trader on the floor
Stocks close lower as financials and materials lag; March rate hike becomes more likely

"Not only does that imply higher net profits for some companies, but could also lead to some U.S. corporations to bring some offshore accumulated profits for reinvestment in their operations here," Wyatt said.

One of Wyatt's top sectors now is consumer discretionary. "The consumer is not dead, just more demanding. We like names likeBrunswick in that space."

She also likes the valuations in Europe and a favorite name for her there is Estee Lauder.

Brunswick and Estee Lauder are lower during trading.