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Cramer's lightning round: Best-in-show pipeline stocks


It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

TreeHouse Foods: "I was going to tell people from the actionalertsplus club tomorrow, that one is a buy. It was going to be put into my bullpen. That stock's attractive. Sam Reed [CEO] was on, it was a really good story."

TG Therapeutics: "Mike Weiss I welcome you back please, the CEO. Mike, here's what you've got to do. You've got to sell about 20 million shares now that your stock has doubled, raise that money and then bring that drug to market."

Kinder Morgan: "Kinder Morgan is OK because I like the pipelines so much after President Trump got in. But the one you want to be in is the one that the trust owns, you want to be in MMP. Magellan Midstream Partners, which has been downgraded by a bunch of people, but that's ridiculous because it is the best-in-show."

Chesapeake Energy Corporation: "It got too warm. It just got too warm. It was going to be a great stock if it were cold, but it was too warm. Now you have to hope for a hot summer. But it was too warm for Chesapeake."

Exact Sciences Corporation: "What I'm saying is that I think that stock has been had. People have made their move."

Keane Group: "It's hydraulic fracturing. No one is going to buy these stocks until oil goes back to $60. I am going to keep you away from that. Some of the best companies have already come down, you don't need to mess with that one."

Stratasys Ltd: "No, when we do 3-D printing, it was left behind. 3-D, Stratasys, they are just not winners."

Arconic: "That stock has been going down precipitously. People feel that Elliott is walking away. That is not Elliott's style, they are not walking away. My charitable trust owns it, we did sell some at $30. We are looking to buy it back if it goes back down too much."

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