Google will turn to partners rather than acquisitions to push its cloud, says exec

Greene: Google Cloud growing faster than any other

Microsoft may be putting LinkedIn's sales team to use — but a big acquisition is probably not how Google will reach its customers, Google's senior vice president of Cloud.

"If I could inexpensively pick up a killer sales force without a lot of the other things that I don't necessarily need, yeah, I'd be all there," Diane Greene said. "We're taking the most optimal route to serve our customers."

Greene spoke to CNBC's "Closing Bell" from Google's cloud conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

While Google may not be on the hunt for takeover targets, it is building out through partners, Greene said. At Wednesday's conference, Google announced support from partners like Pivotal and Rackspace.

Diane Greene
Tony Avelar | Bloomberg | Getty Images

"Our partners have large sales forces, so we are going to market with them," Greene said.

While Google's a strong player in the cloud industry, with customers like Home Depot and Snapchat, Amazon and Microsoft still dominate. Microsoft, in particular, is known for its strong historic relationships with enterprises, which it's leveraging to sell its cloud technology.

"If I had to have my druthers — the best technology, the best cloud .... if I had to choose between that and building out a sales force, and building out customer support .... I would pick the latter," Greene said. "It's just a matter of block and tackling, there's no rocket science there."

Google is quickly catching up, Greene said, as Alphabet invests "very heavily" in customer support, Greene said. For instance, Greene said, Google's cloud is build not to "go down" — perhaps a veiled jab at Amazon's outage last month.

Greene said she disagrees with critics that say Google's not in the rooms where big deals happen.

"When we are in a deal today we are winning more than half the times," Greene said. "So I'm not sure what they're talking about .... and I beg to differ, we are winning."