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Cramer's lightning round: One of the best quarters in tech with plenty more runway

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Macy's: "We are trying to really cut back on retail here, OK. Really cutting back. Just not where I want to be."

Annaly Capital Management: "That is a reach for yield situation. I'm getting comfort that they are doing well, but you know what, I don't like to reach for yield ... I'm going to take a pass on it."

Camping World Holdings: "I don't know why that stock got hit so bad. I thought the quarter was OK ... Maybe the stock has just been up too much. Let me make some more calls on that. We know of course that is Marcus Lemonis, but it was a good number, and I didn't get why the stock was down so much."

Applied Optoelectronics: "Finisar reported a number tonight that you could say is going to hurt these stocks. I've got to find how much overlap there is with that stock and Finisar is down so much it's shaking people out of optical. So, let me find out the overlap and I will come back."

Sierra Wireless: "It's had a big move, man. You know what, it's had a big move and some of these big moves in that space are really starting to get shelled. I would be careful there and I would take some profits."

Arista Networks: "My hat is off to Jayshree [Ullal], who runs that company. That was a monster quarter. Really one of the best quarters in tech. She is doing a remarkable job. There is no reason to sell the company. I think that that company has a lot more runway. And this is not to denigrate Cisco, which my charitable owns and Chuck Robbins is doing great. They can coexist, Arista is doing really well. Don't sell a share."

Marvell Technology Group: "They had a great quarter and I've got to tell you something. To me, that company can either be taken over or has at least another three or four points on earnings."

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