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History's winners and losers on oil and the jobs report

Crude oil falling seven percent in just two days.

We asked our data partners at Kensho which stocks fare best when this happens in the week after a big move for oil.

History's lessons on oil's fall and the jobs report

Oil has seen a six percent or more drop 35 times since 2010.

In those instances the airlines outperform over the next few days after oil's fall.

United Airlines rises 2.28% on average, American Airlines jumps 2.13% and Delta goes up 2.06%.

We also asked Kensho what happens when the jobs report beats estimates in a rising rate hike environment like the one we're in now.

Boeing leads the way up 2.25%, Caterpillar rises 1.9% and United Technologies is up 1.65% on average in the week after a good jobs report in a rising rate hike cycle.