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7 Stocks in CNBC's IQ 100 Hit New Highs


Seven stocks in the CNBC IQ 100 hitting all-time or multi year highs today. The CNBC IQ 100 index is a basket of large cap publicly listed companies that gets most of their revenue from their own protected technology.

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Brendan McDermid | Reuters

On the list today, CR Bard. The medical device maker is trading at its highest level since going public in 1968

Manufacturer Danaher also hitting its highest level since list in 1984.

Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining, 3M, went public in 1972 and hit an all-time high today, this stock is up 20 percent in a year.

Applied Materials hit a 17 year high today, DuPont hit a 19 year high.

Visa hit an all-time high today, the stock is up 13 percent in three months.

Financial technology firm Fiserv is trading at a 31 year high, the stock is up seven percent in just one month.

The CNBC IQ 100 index is up 33 percent in the last year.