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Cramer's game plan: The world economy is stronger than you think — this stock will prove it

World economy stronger than you think

Jim Cramer believes that the world economy is doing better than many investors even realize.

All of the measures he uses to determine strength overseas are in positive territory. That is why when Oracle reports next week, he will be monitoring what management has to say about the international climate.

"Less than half of its business is in America. I am a huge believer that the rest of the world is growing a lot faster than most commentators think. Oracle will give us a great read," the "Mad Money" host said.

With this in mind, here are the stocks and events on Cramer's radar next week:

Monday: Del Taco

With the prevalence of the stay-at-home economy, Cramer fears this is exactly the kind of restaurant that is struggling right now.

Tuesday: HD Supply

HD Supply is a nationwide distributor of facilities maintenance supplies that services 50,000 different customers. Cramer has seen this company move the market before when it is bullish or bearish, so he will be monitoring commentary.

Wednesday: Federal Reserve meeting, Oracle

Most people will be paying attention to the Fed's statement on Wednesday, but Cramer will also be watching Oracle. The stock acts as if business is very strong, something that is easy for Cramer to believe given that it has now integrated NetSuite and touching on being the fastest growing cloud computing company on earth.

Thursday: Adobe, Dollar General

Adobe: Cramer believes it will report a very strong quarter, but given the monster move the stock has had going into earnings, it could sell off. If this is the case, it could be an opportunity to buy.

"If you don't already own it, I would wait. There is always a chance that this time is different, but I know that the sell-off last time was nasty, brutish and short, and it gave you one of the best buying opportunities we have had in ages," Cramer said.

Dollar General: This stock will be one of the hardest hit if President Trump and Congress pass a border adjustment tax. Cramer thinks Dollar General will lay out a case for how much the tax could hurt shoppers.

"In case President Trump is watching, let me just say I am thrilled that we have such strong hiring in this country, but the fastest way to reverse that trend would be to put through this border tax and watch retailer after retailer either close stores or go out of business. Yes, it would be that bad," Cramer said.

Friday: Tiffany & Co., Amgen analyst meeting

Tiffany: This stock has been on fire lately because of pressure from activist hedge fund Jana Partners, which recently put three members on the company's board of directors. Cramer has always considered Tiffany to be an undermanaged property, and the stock is finally reflecting the changes that can be made. However, he doesn't expect a strong quarter.

Amgen: Cramer expects Amgen to show off a strong pipeline. If the market takes a tumble after the Fed meeting on Wednesday, it could be a good time to buy Amgen on weakness, as he considers it one of the best stories in the space.

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Cramer's game plan: The world economy is stronger than you think — this stock will prove it

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