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9 Stocks in the CNBC IQ 100 Hit Highs


Nine components in the CNBC IQ 100 Index hit new all-time or multi-year highs today.

9 Stocks in the CNBC IQ Index Hit New Highs

CR Bard is now at its highest level since listing back in 1968.

Johnson and Johnson hitting an all-time high today, the same for 3M - both breaking through previous barriers shortly after the opening bell rang.

United Health is up six and a half percent year to date, enough to lift it to a new all-time high today. Broadcom and Visa also hitting new highs today.

Applied Materials is trading at levels not seen since September of 2000, the stock is up an incredible 19 percent so far this year.

Yahoo hitting levels it hasn't seen in two years, it is up 20 percent so far this year. DuPont now trading at its high mark dating back to May of 1998, that stock is up ten percent since the new year.