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Strength in infrastructure has nothing to do with Trump, US Concrete CEO says

US Concrete CEO: Infrastructure strength has nothing to do with Trump

US Concrete's stock is up more than 40 percent since the election, but CEO Bill Sandbrook says this has nothing to do with President Trump's victory in the White House.

"Things are good right now, and this has nothing to do with the Trump infrastructure bill," Sandbrook said to "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer on Monday.

Instead, Sandbrook attributed the strength of infrastructure to the underlying building economy. He confirmed strength in all four of US Concrete's major markets in San Francisco, Dallas, Washington D.C., and the Northern New Jersey and metro New York areas.

US Concrete is a purveyor of concrete for commercial construction, residential construction and infrastructure building. It has been involved with large infrastructure projects such as the Tappan Zee Bridge and Oakland Bay Bridge, which require a significant amount of concrete to build.

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Strength in infrastructure has nothing to do with Trump, US Concrete CEO says

With the specialization of concrete and large projects, Sandbrook said it has Trump's proposed border wall on the radar. He clarified that the company would merely provide the concrete, but wouldn't build the wall.

"The specifications haven't been set yet, so we have to see. So, we are playing a little bit close to our vest on what the true opportunity is going to be," Sandbrook said.

US Concrete reported a strong quarter at the end of February, delivering a 12 cent earnings beat from a 70-cent basis, with higher than expected revenues up 21 percent year-over-year. The earnings also suggested to Cramer that the move in the stock is due to a stronger economy, and could still be in the early stages.

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