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CNBC survey sees more hope for GOP health-care reform. Oh, and Trump? Stop tweeting

Fed survey: 100% expect March rate hike

The CNBC Fed Survey for March sees more optimism for health-care reform, with the average respondent seeing it enacted in third quarter of this year — but there is more debate about its value.

Thirty-eight percent say the new GOP health plan is better than Obamacare and 34 percent say it's worse. Forty-five percent say the bill would have no effect on economic growth, while 38 percent say it would improve growth somewhat.

Some advice from survey respondents for the president: Stop tweeting. Forty-seven percent say the president's missives make it less likely his economic policies will be enacted. Just 9 percent of respondents say it helps his cause, while 38 percent believe it has a negative effect.

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