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Cramer's Lightning Round: One tech stock to outshine them all

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

CyberArk: "I still like Cyberark, but remember, because Cisco came in so aggressively in that group that's really hurt a lot of the stocks, and Check Point's really become my favorite, so let's be a little more careful and circumspect. I also like Proofpoint, they've been pretty good, but things have gotten tough in that area because of Cisco being so aggressive."

Jacobs Engineering Group: "You need that infrastructure bill. That stock is not going to go up until you get the infrastructure bill. Because it ran up betting that would happen before everybody got caught up in Washington on 'repeal and replace.' That's been a casualty."

Sysco Foods: "You want to keep owning it because Trian's there, that's Nelson Peltz, the only engaged investor that we have found that you can follow his buys after they're announced and still make money."

Seattle Genetics: "Boy, you know, we had them on a couple of years ago and I am just shocked about how well it is doing. That said, it is doing so well up at $67 … I think it's run too much, so I want to be very careful. I'm going to have to say don't buy."

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