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Riding out the nor'easter on Twitter: Scenes from the snow

DC takes snow in stride

Tuesday was a snow day for much of the Northeast.

While snowfall in many regions came in lower than expected, local authorities were still urging residents to stay off the road to clear the snow.

Thousands of flights were canceled as snow blanketed New York City, Washington, D.C. and much of the Northeast overnight.

Photos and videos on Twitter showed waterlogged streets in New Jersey. Much of the coastal region remains under flood watch.

Traders stuck in their pajamas could still execute deals. The New York Stock Exchange said it was operating as normal.

Metro-North tweeted a photo of an eerily empty Grand Central Terminal on Tuesday morning.

Although officials have repeatedly asked drivers to stay off the roads, one devil-may-care driver left a donut in the fresh powder as they parked their car.

Those brave enough to venture outside should stay warm.

As local authorities were swamped with blizzard-related matters, two small ponies ran away in Staten Island. The ponies' slushy escapade was cut short when law enforcement wrangled them and returned them to their owners.