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Cramer: Why the Fed hike is a gift to your portfolio

Fed's a gift to your portfolio

Jim Cramer said the Federal Reserve's raising interest rates exactly as expected on Wednesday gave a clear signal to the market: full speed ahead.

The "Mad Money" host said the move was a gift to the markets, which the Fed could have held hostage if it wanted to make a statement about President Donald Trump's pro-growth policies' being too inflationary.

"Today, the Fed set us free to invest in reality and banished the perception that it wants to derail stocks, bonds, and the economy itself, and that's how you get one of the biggest rallies of 2017" Cramer said.

Cramer suggested that investors should trash their perceptions of what a rate hike could disrupt or ruin, and take a rational look at the economy.

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Cramer: Why the Fed is a gift to your portfolio

Looking back at countless talks with CEOs both on and off the show, Cramer painted a picture of a strengthening economy in which construction is booming, manufacturing orders are up, and corporations are hiring.

Therefore, Cramer argued, the Fed did the predictable thing because the central bank determined that inflation is not yet a risk.

"It simply reflects that Fed chief Janet Yellen is thoughtful, rational and doing the right thing for all financial instruments, and ... for actual businesses like the ones I mentioned," including Martin Marietta, US Concrete, and United Technologies, Cramer said.

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