Three sells and a buy for Saint Patrick's Day

Trading around St. Patrick's Day

It's said that everyone is a little Irish on Saint Patrick's Day. Even the Brazilians. Even Dubai-ites. Even Hong Kongers. Even the stock pickers.

As political risks abound, animal spirits run wild and valuations divorce from reality, Brent Wilsey said he is putting his trust in Ireland's patron saint.

The CEO and president of Wilsey Asset Management said he is taking his "no emotions, just results" approach, and his $170 million under management, to four Saint Patrick's Day stock calls.

Hangovers can't be ruled out.

SELL: Diageo

Price Target: $93.23

Booze always sells, right? Wilsey said he isn't convinced, slapping the Guinness and Baileys owner with a "sell" rating. He's going against the grain on this one: the average rating is a buy.

In particular, he's not impressed by falling EPS in the face of higher sales.

"I think that there's no future growth in the company. I don't want to be the guy that pays the most for the company."

SELL: Party City

Price Target: $19.97

Don't be fooled by this one, Wilsey warned. While it would have fit so well with his St. Paddy's theme, the fundamentals just don't check out, he said.

"They have no tangible equity and they've got debt-to-equity of 200 percent, that's just too risky."

SELL: Newmont Mining

Price Target: $23.76

Many analysts recommend buying the Colorado-headquartered gold miner, but Wilsey said he does not concur as he's wary of losses overseas.

BUY: Gold Fields

Price Target: $5.28

And finally, a buy. South Africa's Gold Fields brings a twinkle to Wilsey's eye, with an attractive valuation and good entry point, he said.

"I like this company because we're not paying too much for the price-to-sales, we're not paying much for the tangible book value of the company."

Happy trading. May the luck of the Irish be with you.

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DISCLOSURE: Wilsey said he did not have anything to disclose about ownership related to the four stocks in this story.