Apple's next iPhone will lead to a big 'paradigm shift,' said VC

Munster: Apple valuation will get closer to 20X
Munster: Apple valuation will get closer to 20X

Apple's next version of the iPhone will lead to a "paradigm shift," with augmented reality as its foundation, said Gene Munster, managing partner at VC firm Loop Ventures.

Augmented reality — which differs from virtual reality in that it is not completely immersive — will be the key to not just Apple's future but the future of tech. And while it may not impact the company's sales in the short-term, Muster says it will "lay the foundation of the next computing paradigm."

That shift will ultimately be good for Apple's stock, he said. "You start to get more comfortable when you put together the services side of the business on top of the augmented reality side," Munster said.

Apple is investing heavily in augmented reality, though both acquisitions and hiring new talent, according to a report in Bloomberg.