The city with the most gadgets connected at home may surprise you

Nick Weaver, co-founder and CEO of eero
Source: Eero

Home WiFi system eero's latest industry report reveals where the most "connected" homes are across America. Silicon Valley? Think again.

The winner: Atlanta.

The San Francisco-based WiFi company collected data from 10 major U.S. cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and the Bay Area, to determine where homes are using the most eero devices. Connected devices can include laptops, smartphones, internet-connected TVs, entertainment consoles, thermostats and security systems, eero said.

The study found that Atlanta had more connected devices than any of the 10 major cities, with an average of 9.17 devices per network, or household. Patterns show that homes in this Southern city are nearly 16 percent more device-heavy than Dallas, which boasted the largest number of eero networks surveyed.

Seattle came in second to Atlanta, with an average of 8.67 devices per network. Denver and San Diego followed closely behind, and the Bay Area came in fourth place.

Eero's study also revealed something interesting about families and how they're using technology together.

Parents in Austin, Seattle and Atlanta monitor their children's screen time more than those in other cities, while parents in Los Angeles and New York are roughly 38 percent less inclined to regulate their children's internet usage, eero's data found.

Read the full results from eero.