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Cramer's game plan: Why the health care failure clears the way for Trump's agenda

Why health care's failure clears the way for Trump's agenda

The bears might say otherwise, but Jim Cramer does not think that the failure of the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill signals the end of the bull rally.

Instead, the "Mad Money" host argued that this legislative blemish might actually clear the way for President Donald Trump's more popular initiatives like tax and infrastructure reform.

"If we get a delayed pullback on Monday as people worry that losing on health care means the rest of the president's agenda is doomed to fail, I think you should use that as a chance to buy some stocks like the industrials that would benefit from tax cuts, or the banks that benefit from deregulation and higher interest rates," Cramer said.

As the bull market rages on these renewed hopes, here are the stocks and events on Cramer's radar next week:

Monday: Red Hat

Cramer thinks the software multinational's earnings report could make an interesting play if the market does not take lightly to worries about the fate of the Trump agenda.

"When I think about how Micron managed to roar higher today even as the House pulled the health care bill, I don't want to miss any other tech opportunities like Red Hat," he said.

Tuesday: Carnival Cruise Line, Darden Restaurants, Dave & Buster's

Carnival Cruise Line: This is a classic experiential company that could see a surprise on its earnings report, according to Cramer.

"The company has performed so strongly under [CEO Arnold Donald's] leadership that you have to like its chances for an upside surprise, especially with this recent dip in oil prices," Cramer said.

Darden: Cramer's expecting a good earnings report from the parent company of Olive Garden, which he says is "still benefiting from so many positive changes made by management."

Dave & Buster's: Yet another experiential name will report earnings after the bell. Cramer's watching to see if the food-and-games business is still getting people off the couch and into its facilities.

Wednesday: Paychex, Lululemon Athletica

Paychex: Cramer is looking forward to a good hiring report from the payroll processor, and thinks you should stay long and buy more if the stock comes down.

"I know the end-of-the-worlders constantly surface on any perceived weakness in the Trump administration, but the fact is that we have a ton of data and CEO commentary that suggests small and medium sized businesses are doing quite well and hiring new workers," Cramer said.

Lululemon: Cramer likes the story of this hotshot retailer, which will report earnings after the bell.

"I'm so glad this stock's been going down before the quarter because that takes out a lot of the fluff," Cramer said. "I know people think this is an athletic apparel store. I think it's more of an ethos that happens to sell clothes."

Thursday: Akamai

A key analyst meeting may bring good tidings for the cloud services provider, which has been an erratic play as of late.

"If Akamai's down ahead of the meeting, you might want to speculate with some deep-in-the-money call options," Cramer advised.

Friday: Blackberry

Cramer is amazed there's still hope for the embattled mobile hardware and software company, which is set to report earnings Friday.

"The company's promotional enough that the first trade often produces a jump. But that jump's been worth shorting ever since the iPhone took over the smartphone universe, so just say no to Blackberry," Cramer said.

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Cramer's game plan: Why health care's failure clears the way for Trump's agenda

Correction: This story was updated to reflect that Darden Restaurants is no longer the parent company of Red Lobster.

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