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Now you can let friends stalk you on Facebook Messenger — here's how


Facebook introduced a new Facebook Messenger feature named "Live Location" on Monday that allows users to share their location with others.

Sharing a static location was already possible — I'm at this Starbucks — but now you can share your live location as you move around. That could be a little creepy, but it's opt in, so you'd only turn it on if you wanted to make yourself easier to find.

Here's how to use it.

First, open a chat in Facebook Messenger with someone you want to share your location. Next, hit the location button. It looks like a navigational arrow.


Tap "Share Live Location.” It’s the big blue button below the map. It defaults to sharing for 60 minutes. You can’t change the default sharing time yet. It also shows you how long it would take to get to one another, should you decide to drive.


The app will continue to share your location, updating your status in real time inside Facebook Messenger. You can stop at any time by tapping the large red “Stop Sharing” text just below the map. This is probably a good idea if things start to get creepy.


Facebook Live Sharing is rolling out to iOS and Android devices now. You might not see it just yet, but you should as soon as your phone pulls in the latest version.