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5 ways to trade today's market rally

5 ways to trade today's market rally

As Washington lawmakers continue to scrutinize the pharmaceutical industry over drug pricing, the "Fast Money" traders discuss if there is opportunity in the space and where else they should make plays in the market.

Trader Guy Adami said he likes the . He said he believes there is still room for the ETF to trade higher. The stock is up over 15 percent in the last 12 months.

Trader Brian Kelly said he likes because he said mergers and acquisitions are possible with the mid to small-cap names traded in the ETF. He said as the industry awaits action from lawmakers, the industry is in a good space.

Trader Steve Grasso said he is cautious of the pharmaceutical area because there is the bipartisan support to regulate the industry and curtail drug pricing.

Kelly also said he likes and in the market. He's betting on the precious metals because of the dollar's weaker performance. The dollar index is down 3.5 percent in the past 3 months. Kelly also said he is shorting bonds with the .


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