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Cramer: Why it might be time for you to unfollow Trump's Twitter feed

Cramer: Time to unfollow the president and focus on the facts

With the bears growling at each Washington misstep, Jim Cramer went back to individual stocks to root out the positive stories driving the bull market regardless of President Donald Trump.

Tuesday's consumer confidence number was the bears' first "bee sting," Cramer said. At 126, it was the best report since December of 2000 and discounted concerns over the Trump agenda being fulfilled.

"I think tax reform will happen eventually, but it could take a long time and what matters much more is that Trump's rolling back regulations in a way that emboldens businesses, which is exactly what that blast-off consumer confidence number is measuring," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer argued that the bears are reading too far into Trump's weaknesses by drawing conclusions that the GOP's health-care flop means Washington is somehow falling apart.

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Cramer: Why it might be time for you to unfollow @POTUS

"Perhaps it's time to unfollow the president and stay focused on the facts," Cramer said. "Unless, that is, you don't want them getting in the way of the negative story that's endlessly driven into our heads by almost every single pundit in business media today."

And to Cramer, the facts are simple: "Some stocks just refuse to roll over and play dead."

Take Tesla, Elon Musk's automaker that has been repeatedly knocked for not making money. News of Chinese internet giant TenCent taking up a 5 percent stake in the company put that criticism to rest and set Tesla safely on its way to its 500,000 cars-per-year goal, Cramer said.

"I don't see how the short-sellers can keep betting against this one anymore," he added.

Or turn to General Motors, a Tesla competitor whose price-to-earnings ratio is the lowest in the .

Even that got a boost on Tuesday from activist investor David Einhorn, who suggested splitting the stock into two share classes. The hedge fund guru claimed the move could unlock up to $38 billion for shareholders, a major improvement for the beaten-down stock.

A few technology names also cut through the bears' negativity. Cramer applauded Red Hat for its best earnings report in history, and cited a UBS note on Apple's promise that sent the stock upward.

And don't forget consumer favorites like Darden and Carnival Cruise Line, both of which blew the Street's earnings estimates out of the water.

"The consumer's not frozen in place, wallowing in disappointment over Paul Ryan's failure to live up to a seven-year promise. The consumer's cruising and eating out and generally having a jolly old time," Cramer said.

And, while the bears are busy overanalyzing Trump tweets and praising pundits, Cramer's advice to investors is to stick to the stocks, which paint a prettier — and often more accurate — picture.

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