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Trade update: most memorable calls of Q1

All this week on the "Halftime Report" we're taking a look at how some of our traders' most memorable Q1 calls have fared.

Trade update: most memorable calls of Q1
Trade update: most memorable calls of Q1

First up, Tiffany.

Value investor Jim Lebenthal has owned the high-end jeweler for more than two years.

The stock suffered a rough patch in 2016 when retail as a whole was selling off. But in January Lebenthal noted that the tide might finally be turning.

"Investor sentiment on Tiffany has been picking up for several months now...The expectation is that luxury is going to buck the trend in brick and mortar retail. Tiffany is on fire right now," he said on January thirteenth on the "Halftime Report."

With the stock up 22% since then, Lebenthal is now looking to take profits.

"This is at the top of my sell list...it's been on a tear. I'm waiting for two down days in a row -- that's going to be my signal to sell," he said.

In the media, Steve Weiss continues to like Netflix.

On January 17th he made the case for why the content-streaming service hasn't "matured in the U.S. market."

The stock is up 8% since then, and Weiss continues to stand by his call.

"It's going to be on every cable box...they have the content, they have the subscribers," he said on the "Halftime Report."

At the beginning of the year Joe Terranova said that Mobileye was a company investors should look at.

It turns out he wasn't the only one watching.

On March 13th, Intel announced its plan to acquire the Israel-based tech company for $15.3 billion.

Shares of Mobileye have soared 60% since Terranova's call to watch the stock on January 3rd.

Following the so-called "Trump Rally" and general market optimism for a pro-business President, some investors might be focused solely on domestic equities.

But Josh Brown believes investors should be looking abroad not only to diversify, but for potentially greater returns.

"Take a look at emerging markets...Take a look at Europe outperforming the ...This is not about guessing the next 5% on the S&P -- the world is breaking out," he said on February 6th.

The EEM -- an ETF that tracks emerging markets -- is up 5% since his call.

As would be expected, not all of the traders' calls have returned double digits.

On February 28th Joe Terranova advised buying Tenet Healthcare on a pullback. The stock has fallen 15% since then. Given the political dialogue surrounding the health care sector as a whole, he advises staying away for now.

Financial stocks led the post-Trump rally.

But now, with doubts over whether or not President Trump will be able to pass key legislation, the bank stocks are on pace for their worst month since June 2016.

One of the regional banks that's been hit is Huntington Bank. On January 9th Josh Brown made a bullish call on the stock saying it's "probably the next regional bank to make a big move higher."

While the stock has fallen 3% since then, Brown believes the story isn't over.

"I still like it, I still think the regionals are going to work...it [Huntington] has pulled back a bit from the high with the sector. Still, the intermediate term trend looks great."

Trader disclosures: Jim Lebenthal owns Tiffany, and Steve Weiss owns Netflix.