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Billy Canu

Meet Billy Canu
Meet Billy Canu

At just 34 years old, this entrepreneur from San Diego, CA is the owner and managing director of Brighthaus, a digital marketing agency that counts big name clients like Warner Brothers, Paramount and RayBan, among others.

"I have a passion for small business," says Canu of his career to date.

In addition to working with big corporate clients, Canu also manages several small businesses. One of which is Fox & Jane, a New York City-based salon franchise that spans eight locations and generates $10 million in revenue per year. Plumber Tom Plumbing, another of Canu's businesses, is a network of three plumbing locations that brings in about $1 million per year.

Canu believes his success and business savvy will give him an edge in the quest to become "The Partner" that Marcus Lemonis is seeking.