The Partner

Chuck Brewer

Meet Chuck Brewer

Brewer, a former U.S. Marine, had his entrepreneurial epiphany while on duty in Iraq.

"I had a moment during one of my combat tours in Iraq where I decided that I wanted to be a business owner," says Brewer about his transition from combat veteran to restaurateur.

Upon his return to the States, Brewer immediately got his hands dirty operating a major restaurant franchise in Chicago and then quickly moved on to opening his own restaurant, Soupremacy.

Brewer has an impressive resume: Not only does he still serve as a Marine on weekends, he also holds a Master's Degree in History from Harvard and was previously Chief of Staff to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He attributes his broad skill set to these dynamic professional experiences.

Brewer greatly admires Marcus Lemonis and his commitment to small businesses. And, if chosen as "The Partner," he plans to capitalize on the opportunity.