The Partner

Erin Cobb

Meet Erin Cobb

This twenty-something from Seattle, WA specializes in businesses aimed at helping clients unwind. As the owner of successful hookah lounges and and isolation tank centers throughout Washington State, Cobb's no stranger to doling out operational advice to would-be small business owners.

Cobb doesn't like waiting for others to make a decision -- he believes in "failing fast." It's a strategy that seems to have paid off for the young mogul. In addition to carving out a niche for what he calls "small businesses in weird categories," Cobb has also made a point of helping his friends launch their own small businesses and showing them how to avoid common pitfalls. As a result, Cobb has lent a hand with several different types of businesses, ranging from an eyelash studio to a chain of hot dog food carts. Cobb feels that his varied entrepreneurial background will make him a shoo-in to become Marcus Lemonis' next "Partner."