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Michael Graves

Meet Michael Graves
Meet Michael Graves

A self-described workaholic with a dedication to working 24/7, this New Yorker struck out on his own and started his first business in 2008. He's since gone on to grow his boutique marketing firm with wide-ranging clients including the likes of IBM, American Airlines and UBS to name a few.

While Graves was born into one of the wealthiest and most successful African-American families in America, he thinks it's important to make his own way. In business, Graves values honesty, integrity and, above all else, clear communication. That commitment to openness and around-the-clock accessibility (Graves says he's always available via phone and email) is something he learned while working for Pepsi.

Now, through Graves Advisory Group, he helps small brands succeed and believes he can do the same for Marcus Lemonis and his wide-ranging portfolio of companies.