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Cramer's lightning round: People are too negative on this biotech play

It's that time again! Jim Cramer rang the lightning round bell, which means he gave his take on caller favorite stocks at rapid speed:

Prosperity Bancshares: "If you're going to buy a bank in Texas, you're going to buy Cullen-Frost, okay? We had them on recently. I think they tell a fantastic story. I want to go Cullen-Frost."

NXP Semiconductors: "This is a stock that club members of know that we own for the charitable trust. I think there may be some anti-trust issues going on in China here. Not sure how much longer we can take this. It's starting to drive me crazy. Stock should be higher. You're absolutely right. But right now, the club is holding on."

Old Republic International Corp.: "Old Republic, I've liked it since the '80s. It always has a good yield, it's a good underwriter. I think you've got a winner in Old Republic."

Amgen Inc.: "I think people are too negative about Amgen's business. 2.8 percent yield, tremendous amount of cash overseas, other things in the portfolio. People who sell it I think will regret it. I am a buyer of Amgen here. We're not done."

Corbus Pharmaceuticals: "I thought the news looked good, but I've got to tell you that Adam Feuerstein wrote a piece in TheStreet, and he's actually pretty influential, saying 'nothing new and special here.' And that crushed the stock. It crushed the stock. I couldn't believe it."

Taser International: "You know what, Taser is starting to regain what it lost and it should never have lost. I think this company's got the right product, I think it's got an absolutely terrific ecosystem. I want to own Taser. The sellers, I think, will be proven wrong."

Advanced Micro Devices: "We've liked it now for about 100 percent and we're not giving up. We liked the fixed balance sheet, we like that all-new line of chips, we like the fact that they've got gaming chips. It's a junior Nvidia. Not going to be as good as Nvidia, but a junior. Nvidia's starting to get jiggy here."

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