A Trump infrastructure tax break is not the answer, says former Biden chief of staff

We don't need tax breaks, we need investments to get infrastructure fixed: Pro

A proposed tax credit for developers in President Donald Trump's infrastructure plan won't help improve what Americans want fixed most, the former chief of staff to Joe Biden said Friday.

The Trump administration has said it will unveil a $1 trillion infrastructure plan later this year, which could offer incentives for public-private partnerships rather than simply fund improvements.

The administration said the plan would include transportation infrastructure, energy, water and possibly broadband and veterans hospitals. Trump's economic advisors have recommended the government allocate tax credits for private investors who underwrite infrastructure projects.

Former Biden aide Ron Klain told CNBC that although the plan could be good news for pipeline and utility projects, it would do nothing to fix our roads, bridges, water systems.

These are "the kind of things most Americans think about when they say we need more infrastructure spending," Klain said on "Squawk Box." "What we really need right now is an investment in the kind of things in our infrastructure that [are] falling apart."

Jacqueline Hinman, CEO of CH2M Hill, an environmental and engineering consulting services company, said Friday she supports private companies and government working together.

Hinman said the two can work cohesively, "if there is a will and a way."

"The best way to make infrastructure work most efficiently is when people come together and work in one joint permitting regime," Hinman said on "Squawk Box."

—The Associated Press contributed to this report.